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We are Next Generation Fire Engineering.

For more than 20 years we  are driven by our ambition to shape the changing world. To make it safer, more sustainable and more livable.
Our DNA is the passion for fire protection. With customized fire protection concepts, effective solutions and innovative engineering methods, we support our customers from the first idea to the finished building. In Germany and worldwide. With a team of 200 experts. Always with a vision. Urbanization, digital transformation and enviromental awareness are profoundly changing the industry and the society. Public safety must be rethought again and again. We want to accelerate this process and play a 

decisive role in shaping it.

Vision & Mission

The speed of innovation is accelerating constantly. It needs smart people and 

organisations adapting to the speed to develop the full potenial of newtechnologies 

and transform data into information.

Safety for a planet
of expanding cities.

Higher, faster, further: We live in a world that is constantly reinventing itself. Digitization and globalization are changing the way we live, work and move. At the same time, more and more people are moving to the big cities. Modern buildings are becoming more complex, usage scenarios can change extremely quickly. Sustainable building and the energy transition will shape future urban development. For security, this means one thing above all: it has to constantly adapt. In order for this to succeed, fire protection must be thought of more holistically: collaboration instead of silo thinking. This requires more openness and flexibility from the players than ever before. Tomorrow's fire protection experts must recognize trends and follow them enthusiastically. Because changes don't wait. 


We've created the FUTURE.
Meet us in FUTURA. 

Stefan Truthän
Executive Partner


A Journey Towards a Sustainable Future of Public Safety

"No challenge can be viewed and tackled in isolation: everything is interconnected, everything has implications that require an interdisciplinary approach.

Climate change, natural disasters such as droughts or floods, social changes in terms of demographics or work - everything is coming at us at the same time.

With Futura we want to create a city/platform in which interdisciplinary cooperation on such complex challenges is possible.

This is what drives us in Futura. That's why we put two years of hard work into Futura."


hhpberlin Prüfgesellschaft für Brandschutz mbH

We are test engineers and test experts for preventive fire protection. We are experienced specialists, have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations and are very familiar with reliefs and deviations. 

Our particular advantage: We have extensive practical experience in realizing construction projects. That's why we know what moves you.


We are happy to support you and bring you a significant step closer to your building permit.


We are hhpberlin

We are hhpberlin: 200 experts from 9 nations at 7 locations. A dynamic team of experienced engineers and architects. We share our knowledge, combine it and create something new from it. By constantly questioning laws, regulations and the tried and tested, we can develop things further. We know that we can only achieve great goals together.


Experts |








"Organizations are often described as an operating system. I say, on the other hand, we need a programming language because we want to change a program. We don't want a monolith, an unchangeable operating system. We need adaptable systems. This is the only way we can withstand constant change and permanent evolution."

—  Stefan Turkey

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