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What is to be considered? How fast is it going?

Our state-approved test engineers and test experts for preventive fire protection support you in your building project. For your safety, we check your fire protection certificates and check the implementation on the building with the fire protection requirements of the building regulations of the federal states.

The focus of the test is on compliance with the minimum legal requirements for preventive fire protection for building classes 4 and 5, garages from 100 square meters and special buildings.


planning phase

During the check, we focus our attention in particular on the general interest of society in averting danger. We check compliance with the minimum legal requirements in fire protection and consider, among other things:

  • the fire behavior of the building materials used,

  • the fire resistance,

  • the usage units, fire and smoke compartments,

  • required distances,

  • necessary first and second rescue routes,

  • areas for the fire brigade,

  • fire water supply,

  • as well as further information for special constructions.

Our final test report certifies the quality of your fire protection planning.


construction phase

After a positive test report, have you now also received the building permit?

We would also be happy to take on quality assurance tasks for you during the construction period.

As your test engineer or test expert, we monitor the execution of the construction measures for you. In doing so, we randomly check the implementation of the fire protection certificate or concept as well as factors relating to public safety and order. Important: the test report must be available on site during the entire construction period. In our accompanying monitoring reports, we give you an insight into the status of your construction project.

Once all the necessary measures have been implemented, we will certify the quality of the structural implementation in our summary test report (Z report) and, depending on the federal state, the corresponding release for use.

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