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hhpberlin and Normec join forces for a shared future

With the aim of expanding the core business of hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH and consistently using the opportunities arising from digitization in public safety, hhpberlin and the Normec Group are joining forces.

In times of profound change, growth is only possible for robust and resilient organizations. The Normec Group has recognized the potential of hhpberlin for organic growth and expansion through acquisitions and, with its entry, has set the course for a successful future together.

In the future, the Normec Group will hold a majority stake in both hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH and hhpberlin Prüfgesellschaft für Brandschutz mbh. The previous shareholders will remain significantly involved in the company. Stefan Truthän and Karsten Foth continue to have overall responsibility for the operation, development and continued existence of hhpberlin. As further managing directors, Joep Bruins, Robert Wolff and Britt Schuurs will actively support the cooperation and further development within Normec.

The tasks and roles of the employees remain unchanged, as does the progressive management model. All hhpberlin locations will be retained, and new locations are even planned.

Above all, nothing will change in terms of quality and service when processing projects for the numerous customers of hhpberlin. On the contrary, the strengthened hhpberlin will approach each individual, unique project in an even more customer-oriented and efficient manner in the future and enable extraordinary architectural concepts and special engineering services in a world of fundamental change.

About hhpberlin

We are Next Generation Fire Engineering. For more than 20 years we are driven by our ambition to shape the changing world. To make it safer, more sustainable and more livable. Our DNA is the passion for fire protection. With customized fire protection concepts, effective solutions and innovative engineering methods, we support our customers from the first idea to the finished building. In Germany and worldwide. With a team of 200 experts.

Always with a vision. Urbanization, digital transformation and environmental awareness are profoundly changing the industry and the society. Public safety must be rethought again and again. We want to accelerate this process and play a decisive role in shaping it.

About Normec

Normec Group is the leading organisation for testing, inspection, certification and compliance. Normec performs independent testing and inspections using accredited methods. Our teams ensure high quality and a clear, efficient process to support our client’s sustainable improvements.

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