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Change is movement. Change is the future. What will tomorrow's world look like? We know how to find the answers: together with 200 colleagues. With our customers and partners. And with a lively corporate culture that is characterized by exchange and innovative thinking.


Vision and mission

The pulse for innovations has accelerated rapidly. New technologies can only develop their full potential if people and organizations enable them. The fire protection of the future is fire protection with foresight. Only when data becomes information can risks be identified, communicated and minimized at an early stage. With our expertise from almost 20 years of fire protection work, we actively help shape the digital transformation of civil security.

Changes don't wait

Higher, faster, further: We live in a world that is constantly reinventing itself. Digitalization and globalization are changing the way we live, work and move. At the same time, more and more people are moving to big cities. Modern buildings are becoming more complex, usage scenarios can change extremely quickly. Sustainable building and the energy transition will shape future urban development. For security, this means one thing above all: it must constantly adapt. For this to succeed, fire protection must be considered more holistically: collaboration instead of silo thinking. This requires more openness and flexibility from the actors than ever before. Fire protection experts of tomorrow have to recognize trends and accompany them enthusiastically. Because changes don't wait.

Data becomes information

For us there is no question that digitization is fundamentally changing construction and civil security. This applies both to the process of how we plan and build objects and the way we operate and protect them. A city is like an organism. Digitalization gives it a voice. Buildings have never been able to tell us if they have a problem or if something is missing. Only if this information is bundled and linked in a meaningful way will it deliver real added value. For this to succeed, people, authorities, buildings and cities need to network. In this process, we don't just want to keep up, we want to set the pace. Digital thinking and acting is a cultural issue. We take care of this question.

How it all started / Our story is the basis for our future

The history of hhpberlin begins with the work of Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hosser. The qualified civil engineer has decisively shaped German fire protection since the 1970s. In 1986 he took over the first professorship in Germany for fire protection and the basics of solid construction and in the same year founded the engineering company Hosser, Hass und Partner, HHP for short, with Rüdiger Hass and Michael Kiel. In 2000 hhpberlin engineers for Brandschutz GmbH emerged from this. 

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