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Training fire protection assistant: in

In the event of a fire, quick, safe action is the key to success. This enables the people present to be rescued quickly. The trained handling of self-help facilities protects people and also property.

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Training fire protection assistant: in
Training fire protection assistant: in

Zeit & Ort

upon request

Location will be announced

Über die Veranstaltung

Underlying legal bases

Training according to DGUV Information 205-023   (previously BGI/GUV-I 5182), § 10 ArbSchG, ASR A2.2 and DGUV regulation 

4h face-to-face training at the Berlin location

Who is the training suitable for?

  • Training for fire protection tasks
  • Further training as a repetition for existing functions - a repetition every 3 years is recommended

from the content

  • Fire prevention, fire outbreak and course of fire as well as fire and extinguishing theory; fire hazards
  • Specifications of the fire protection regulations according to DIN 14096 as a company-specific organizational tool
  • Alarm routes and means and company-specific fire protection equipment
  • Tasks and recommendations for action as a clearance helper / evacuation helper
  • Function and effectiveness of fire extinguishing equipment and the importance of fire classes
  • Handling and function as well as triggering mechanisms of fire extinguishing systems
  • Training at the practice trainer; Extinguishing tactics and own limits of firefighting

Become an integral part of your company's fire protection organization!

Do you know what to do if there is a fire in your company and smoke and fire are spreading? 

Would you use a fire extinguisher or would you rather grab a container of water quickly? 

Do you know the quickest way out of the building or are you more likely to take the way you came?

In the event of a fire, seconds can be crucial. Seconds in which safe actions are required.

As a fire protection assistant, you not only enable your colleagues to rescue you quickly and safely, you also protect important property through the trained use of self-help facilities such as fire extinguishers.

In our training, our experts prepare you for these tasks and carefully instruct all responsible persons and employees in the required organizational measures.

Learn tactics to keep a cool head, understand the physical context of the fire and gain confidence in dealing with self-help organizations.

Let our experienced experts instruct you carefully and comprehensively in your tasks.

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